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Manned Guarding

Provided on both a permanent or temporary basis, a static guard security officer is the visual presence that you may require.
We can provide security officers to protect your premises during periods of high risk.
Whether you have one or several locations throughout the UK needing a manned presence, we can provide the security service you require.
Cover can be arranged on a permanent or Ad-hoc basis for Williams Security customers who are currently under contract with us for one or more of our core services.

Mobile Patrols

Alarm Response & Keyholding can provide Mobile Patrols to suit all needs when you require a security presence to secure your property, but manned security is either impractical or not cost-effective. 

All our services are tailored to suit your site’s needs from having a fixed number of random patrols throughout the night to having prearranged internal patrols covering the weekends. All our patrols are highly visible to deter any potential unwanted activity on your premises.

Mobile patrols give you a physical and regular security presence at your property. The Mobile Patrol Officer with Body Cam will arrive at your site and will patrol pre-determined key points of your building and grounds to ensure all is in order.

Vacant Property Inspections

Insurance companies are making Void property inspections (VPI’s) a requirement to ensure the integrity of the building and to comply with the terms of the policy.

Vacant properties can be seen as an easy target for vandals, thieves, arsonists, squatters or even children. Some insurance companies make these inspections a requirement of cover and will discount premiums if an approved security company is contracted to deliver them.

Keyholding Service

As a property keyholder, you must be capable of getting to your premises within a 20-minute period and resolve any alarm issues. If you fail to do this on more than three occasions, the police will withdraw their response from your premises, and your alarm could be considered a nuisance.

In addition, changes made to Corporate Manslaughter legislation mean that Directors and Line managers are now affected by the new rules. So if your staff are currently responsible for attending an out of hours alarm are they properly prepared and trained to deal with what they might find?

Emergency Response


Our Alarm Response and Key Holding Service removes both risk and inconvenience of having to respond to out of hours activations. The response service can be linked to any device capable of sending a signal out to an alarm receiving centre, whether that’s your intruder, fire or panic alarm, or even reacting to events caught on your monitored CCTV system.


All keys are securely logged and stored in line with BS7984, giving you added peace of mind. Alarm Response and Keyholding services ensure that when your alarm is activated, an experienced fully trained and licensed Security Response Officer also with Body Cam will carry out a full external and internal inspection to ensure that your property is safe.

A full activation report will be sent to you following the response.

You will receive expert advice on the security of your premises.

We don’t have to hold your keys to provide alarm response services. Keys can be held at your property in a Key Safe, or you may wish for us to rendezvous with one of your staff members to respond in line with lone worker regulations.

Open & Lock

Locks and Unlocks – Also known as Open and Lock Services Williams Security takes on the responsibility for alarming and securing your premises at the end of the working day and ensuring that it’s safe to enter at the beginning of the next working day.

Our SIA licensed security officers are responsible for locking up at night after workers have gone home and returned in the morning to do the unlocking, whilst checking the safety and security of the building before staff arrive.

Furthermore, a 24-hour call-out service means that even at very short notice an officer can be at the premises ready to carry out the necessary checks.

Our fully trained and SIA licensed staff will thoroughly patrol and secure your buildings, in a service tailored to your business needs. Our officers can turn off lights and equipment as needed, whilst also ensuring that windows and doors are securely closed and locked, reducing energy bills whilst also securing your site.

Weekly Bell Testing

In accordance with British Standards guidance, fire alarm systems should be tested on a weekly basis.


However, many companies either make infrequent checks throughout the year or totally ignore the importance altogether.

You specify the time and day, and we will carry out the duty on a weekly basis.

Weekly Bell Testing
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