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Help & FAQs

When can you start?

Ideally a structured approach of a few weeks would be required, however, it has been known for us to start the next day so are always happy to work with the requirements of your business.

What other services can you provide?

We are able to offer a variety of other cleaning related services and supplies. We are also an Approved Security Contractor and can offer you a large range of security solutions for your company.

Can I take some references from some of your existing customers?

If you wish to proceed with matters to the next stage we would be happy to provide you with references and arrange site visits.

What machinery will there be and will it be tested?

All machinery will be provided new at the commencement of the contract and in the event of a breakdown a replacement will be provided. All machinery is regularly checked and tested in accordance with Health and Safety legislation.

What about contract terms and conditions?

We are happy to discuss these with you to ensure that we have something that suits us both.

What is TUPE and how will that effect me?

TUPE is a piece of European Legislation that relates to the staff working at your premises. We have considerable experience in handling all aspects of TUPE and always ensure that we manage the process effectively to ensure that the right staff are working to deliver to you the right service from day one.

What if my current provider lets me down?

We have had clients that have had problems during their notice period. To ensure that we take this worry away from you we will ensure that we have a team on standby to come in if needed. All you need to do is give us a call.

What do I need to do from here to proceed?

We are able to take care of and manage the entire process for you ensuring a painless change. All that you need to do is inform your current provider and let us have those details.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Unfortunately sometimes things do and we pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and efficiently in the event of a problem. We can only do this by ensuring our management structure mirrors the importance we place on client service.

Will there be regular audits and inspections?

Yes – we believe this is an effective management tool for both parties and would be happy to let you have some examples of audits that we use.

How often will I see an area manager?

Our business is structured to reflect the importance of site visits by management not only for yourself during your working day but also for the cleaners in theirs. If it means that daily visits are required then that is what you will receive, however, normally our managers will visit every week.

Where do you recruit from?

We will always look to recruit locally and the area of the company operation means that we have a well established local infrastructure of employment links to draw upon.

What about staff vetting and checking?

All staff are thoroughly vetted and checked by our own staff in accordance with current Home Office legislation. At the point of employment photographic identification is also held on their wage records to ensure document compatibility.

Further bank account matching is also completed as a further additional check.

What training will the staff have?

We believe that high standards of training result in high standards of staff. We expect all staff to complete our in house training based on the industry recognised BICS systems, in addition to site specific training to ensure each member of staff is fully conversant with their specific role. Training records are kept on site for inspection.

What about health and safety?

We have an excellent safety record and it is something we take very seriously indeed. Detailed Risk Assessments and COSHH assessments would be completed prior to commencement of the contract. We would also request details from your own assessments for incorporation into ours and to assist with staff training, also we are registered and accredited with the Safe Contractor Scheme.

Why should I use WCS Group?

WCS Group has been trading since 2003 and has an excellent reputation to provide an excellent all round value for money service. We are a company that prides itself on the service it provides and the quality of staff employed to deliver that service.

We will do what we say we are going to do and our active management allows us to solve problems that others have struggled with in the past.

We care about our customers and will never fail to forget that our future success depends on how you feel about us today.

For more information call us on 01789 29 79 49 or use our contact enquiry form.